Chappelle Gardens Chappelle-Gardens-ShowHomeVillage

As homes and communities have evolved over the years so too has the home shopping experience.

Within Chappelle Gardens, the first of its kind in Edmonton, you'll find our three builders (Brookfield Residential, Daytona Homes & Morrison Homes) all in one shared Community Hub. Come in for a coffee and learn about the community while you chat with our builders and explore the homes available. Outside the Community hub, you'll find 13 show homes ranging from Duplexes to Single Family Homes as well as Daytona Homes innovative Rear Attached Garage home model.

The Show Home Village is proud to showcase the following show homes:

  • 3 Home with Attached Garage
  • 4 Home with Rear Detached Garage
  • 1 Home with Rear Attached Garage
  • 2 Duplex with Rear Detached
  • 2 Duplex with Front Attached Garage
  • 1 Townhome

Explore a Virtual Tour of the Community Hub in the Show Home Village

Chappelle Gardens ChappelleShowHomeVillage