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Have questions about the Social House and what it means to live in a community with a Residents Association? You can book an appointment with the Social House team to tour the space and ask any questions you may have.

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Nine show homes and two builders all in one location with the community hub providing inspiration and information to get you excited about your new home choices, and future.

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Get in the Game with Chappelle Crews!

The Chappelle Gardens Social Crews were created to bring like-minded neighbours together through shared interests and common passions. It’s the fastest, easiest and funnest way to connect with others and become part of this dynamic, tight-knit community. There are no initiation ceremonies. No stealing the rival group’s mascot. Find out what Crew you belong in below.

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An Entire World at Your Door Step

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Points of Interest

  1. Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Elementary
  2. Chappelle East School
  3. Donald R. Getty Elementary
  4. Monsignor William Irwin Jr. High
  5. Mother Margaret Mary School
  6. Future High School
  1. Chappelle Gardens Social House
  2. Paisley Dog Park
  3. Jagare Ridge Golf and Country Club
  4. River Ridge Golf and Country Club
  5. Terwillegar Recreational Centre
  6. William Lutsky YMCA
  7. Windermere Golf and Country Club
  1. Chappelle Commons
  2. Currents of Windermere
  3. Ellerslie Corner
  4. Heritage Valley Town Centre
  5. Royal Centre Chappelle
  6. South Edmonton Common
  7. Terwillegar Heights Town Square
  8. The Shoppes of Jagare Ridge
  9. The Shoppes of Terwillegar Gardens
  1. Ellerslie Medical Centre
  2. Rutherford Health Centre
  3. South Commons Medical Centre
  4. St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital
  5. Future Hospital
  1. Fire Station
  2. Fire Station
  3. Fire Station
  4. Fire Station
  5. Police Station
  6. Police Station

We Value Your Loyalty

We consider you a member of our extended family and the greatest compliment we could receive is when you choose a Brookfield Residential community for your next new home.

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