Imagine your yard getting 5 acres bigger or adding a 6,600 sq.ft extension to your new home. 

More than just streets and houses – Chappelle Gardens is a community brought together through its Residents Association (CGRA). Meet and make memories with neighbours at the Social House and amongst all the other fantastic community amenities.

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Chappelle Gardens Social House

The Features:

Skate, splash, slide and socialize as you enjoy access for you and your friends to countless social and recreational amenities, both outdoor and indoor, catering to all interests and ages.

The Socialization:

Meet new friends at one of the many free community events, clubs or programs hosted throughout the year including book and card clubs, cooking and art classes, movies in the park and more.

The People:

The fact that most of the Social House employees also live in Chappelle Gardens makes for a team that is invested in making sure every offering continues to fit the evolving needs of the community.

Chappelle Crews

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Get in the G.A.M.E. with Chappelle Crews!

Meeting your new neighbours can be challenging when you move into a new neighbourhood. The Chappelle Gardens Social House has made it easier than ever with Chappelle Crews to find like-minded neighbours to hang out with. Simply take the quiz and find out which Crew you belong to, and attend events and activities that are curated for you based on your Crew!

Do you love social activities and events? You could be a Gatherer!

Are you always moving, and would choose a workout class over a still activity? You could be an Adventurer!

Is perusing Pinterest for craft ideas your idea of a great Friday night? You could be a Maker!

Are you into the finer things, and love reading a good book with a glass of wine over anything else? You could be an Explorer!

Take the quiz now and find out with Crew you belong to!


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The Social House provides countless opportunities to have fun with friends and family with a little something for everyone!

  • Pristine indoor and outdoor social venues such as picnic area, lounge chairs, fireside gathering space
  • Public garden plots to grow your own vegetables
  • Community tool shed program to borrow a ladder, wheelbarrow, and more
  • Recreational facilities include an ice rink, basketball courts, and playground
  • Year-round programming such as daycamps, fitness classes, sewing classes, skating lessons, and so much more
  • Specialty clubs meet here and have active members in Book Club, Card Club, Sip&Stitch, and Wine Club
  • See all the great programs for yourself

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Meet the Social House

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To find out if your new home is within the boundaries of the Chappelle Gardens community visit the Chappelle Gardens Show Home Village.