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Top 5 reasons to live in one of Edmonton's best neighbourhoods

Welcome to Chappelle Gardens, where neighbours connect—with each other and with balanced living.

Community features

Chappelle Gardens Community

1. Walk to school

Chappelle Gardens is home to 2 schools in the Edmonton Public system: Donald R.Getty (K-9) and Dr. Anne Anderson High School.

2. Plant a seed

Get your hands dirty growing veggies in our 24-plot community garden or planting flowers in your front yard.

3. Enjoy Nature

Hit the extensive network of trails to enjoy the green spaces and ponds that are woven into the community.

4. Shop Local

Nearby grocery stores and medical offices mean you don’t have to leave the neighbourhood to get the products and services you need.

5. Get Fit

Our outdoor gym lets you get a tan and some fresh air white getting your exercise.

Our new Sundial Park

The Chappelle Gnomon (pronounced “no-min”) tells time. It also travels back in time. That’s because it’s inspired by sundials that were around in 600 BC. It points to true north and casts a shadow that will tell you the time.

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3706 Cross Landing SW
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