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Chappelle Gardens Community

Get Smart

Donald R. Getty School (K-9) brings the gift of education to life, plus Garth Worthington (K-9) and Dr. Anne Anderson (High School) is now open.

Dig In

Grow your veggies in the 24-plot community garden, plant flowers in the front yard and dig into the chance to get your hands dirty.

Enjoy Nature

Connect with the natural beauty that surrounds you; embracing the countless opportunities to explore more and grow.

Shop Local

Great local shops like Co-op, Caffiend and Jagare Ridge Dental are staples in this community.

Get Fit

Get a tan while you work out with outdoor fitness equipment.

A New Sundial Park

Chappelle Gardens has a brand new community installation. The Chappelle Gnomon (pronounced no-min) is a sundial style that dates back to 600 BC and was used for centuries to tell time. Pointing to true north (directly to the North Pole) and the shadow it creates will tell you the time in Mountain Daylight Time. Visit the the new sundial park and see if you can tell what time it is from the gnomon's shadow!

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Visit the Community Hub where all your questions about the community and new home options can be answered.

3706 Cross, Landing SW
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