One of the best parts of having a Residents’ Association (RA) in your community is the programming offered. There are sports, arts, crafts, and other activity groups that come together regularly to connect and share their passions.

The RA at Chappelle Gardens took this idea a step further, creating individual crews for each activity type – and they’ve broken the different crews down into the acronym GAME. Each letter of the word represents a group of common activities that someone likeminded would be interested in. This opens the doors for residents to try new pursuits that fit neatly into their established hobbies and interests.

Chappelle Gardens game6

G is for Gatherers

Could we call this community Chappelle Gardens without a gardening crew? This is the group that loves digging in the dirt and helping new life sprout. Whether you’re hoping for some perennial flowers to bloom, or trying your hand at growing your own vegetables, you have a place with this crew – and everyone is always willing to lend a hand and provide some pointers.

Chappelle Gardens game2

A is for Adventurers

Physical activity is the main adventure at Chappelle Gardens. This is the group dedicated to getting your body moving, building those muscles, and finding new ways to push yourself physically. Yoga classes, running groups, and trips out to the outdoor gym in the community will fill your recreation time being a part of this crew.

Chappelle Gardens game4

M is for Makers

This is where creativity and the arts flourish. Let your expression fly with crochet clubs, painting classes, and other artistic endeavours. Creators can come together, encourage each other, workshop ideas, and ultimately craft something you can be proud to showcase.

Chappelle Gardens game3

E is for Explorers

We could also say E is for Enlightenment, or even Engagement. This crew is for the lifelong learners, thirsty for knowledge and wanting to find a new topic to delve into. This crew includes book clubs and deep discussions into science, philosophy, art, and other ideas worth exploring.

Wondering what crew is best for you? Take the crew quiz on the RA website and discover which crew you would fit best with!