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Accessibility within Chappelle Gardens and the greater Heritage Valley continues to improve with the expansion of Edmontons future LRT lines.

About the current Capital Line South LRT Extension project

In September 2016, the federal government provided funding to support further development of the LRT network plan by the City of Edmonton. As one of several City transit projects utilizing this funding, the City is now undertaking supplemental work on the Capital Line South LRT Extension. Updating of the preliminary design was initiated in June 2017, and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2018. No timeline or funding for construction have been confirmed.

The current work is looking at the placement and design of a potential station adjacent to Twin Brooks. Integration of this station into the adjacent communities, with respect to aesthetics and materials, is being considered. An Operations and Maintenance Facility, north of the Heritage Valley Park & Ride, is being designed to provide a site for maintenance and storage for LRT vehicles. The project is also assessing the need for LRT crossings to be raised or lowered, from street-level, at 9 and 12 Avenues and at Saddleback Road on 111 Street, using the City Council approved LRT Crossing Assessment Framework

For more information on the Capital Line South Extension Project visit here.


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