Saturday, September 9

Join us for Taste of Chappelle

Saturday, September 9

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

@ Chappelle Gardens Presentation Centre


Who’s got the tastiest HONEY dish? Savour every moment as teams of professional and home chefs compete for prizes and culinary glory. Then, sample their creations and vote for your favourite.

Plus, grab a bag of gourmet mini donuts from Jackie O's and listen to live music by Sheldon Lizotte.

Bring a friend! If they purchase a new home in Chappelle Gardens through Daytona Homes, Brookfield Residential, or City Homes, you each will receive $2,500. Learn more about our Referral Program by clicking here.

This event is proudly co-hosted with the Chappelle Gardens Residents Association with proceeds supporting the Chappelle Community League.

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