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In February 2017, Donald R. Getty Principal Robert Steenwinkel embarked on a very special journey:

The creation of a new school. A 33-year veteran of the Edmonton Public Schools district, he and the other principals of 11 new schools spent day and night collaborating on the planning and development of each of the schools. “It was incredible to have the support of ten other principals to bounce ideas off of and have conversations about what it would be like to start up the school in our community, and how to go through all the processes of hiring an entire staff, right from scratch,” explains Principal Steenwinkel. “It was amazing professional development. I really enjoyed it.”

Now open for another academic year, Donald R. Getty School offers quality education for students from kindergarten through 9th grade in Chappelle Gardens. “It's right in the community,” Principal Robert Steenwinkel explains, “and with weather permitting, parents are walking their children to school and their children are biking and riding their skateboards or their scooters.”